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While lots of people went on a hike during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, all the cool kids were playing Padel. So was Ben, a sports enthusiast who retired from playing soccer last year and had some spare time on his hands. 

“Padel is a very accessible sport, easy to learn but difficult to master,” Ben says. “If you’re serious about sports and have a competitive mind, you’ll definitely like it. But there’s also the experience off court that’s about having fun with your friends and group spirit. I really like that.”
He told his brother in law Stijn about his new passion and one thing led to another. Stijn has an entrepreneurial mind and a big heart for sports and good looking sports gear of high quality. 

“I love the idea that with the right sportswear I might become a great athlete,” Stijn says. “Wearing sports clothes that look good can motivate you to try your best.”


Since there was no official Padel sportswear they decided to design just that. Stylish, accessible and high-quality sportswear for playing Padel and for hanging out in afterwards.

The brand name refers to one of the most difficult shots for players of Padel to learn. “Bandeja” is Spanish for tray, as originally the technique was to hold the racket so that drinks could be put on top of it. The bandeja is something between a smash and a forehand volley.

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